Phase 2:
Riverside Tower Playground
Riverside Park

Riverside Tower 1.jpg

PHASE 2: Riverside Tower Playground

Estimated Cost: $140,000


The beloved 25 year old wooden castle that provided countless hours of enjoyment for park attendees over the years has naturally deteriorated and must be taken down. However, in its place, we’re raising the bar for heightened play experiences…literally! Vinton’s new destination playground will feature a super-duper, mutli-decked tower complete with slides, climbers, bridges, swings and all sorts of other interactive and thrilling components. Kids know PLAY best so we think it’d be cool to hear what they like too. Tilford Elementary students will have the unique opportunity to Build-A-Playground by voting on their dream standalone play pieces…and we’ll take care of making it a reality!



  • The playground is guaranteed to feature at least the following play components:

                  - One extra-large tower that includes a variety of other features (climbers, ladders, slides, etc.)
                  - One tower that will be equal to or smaller than the extra-large tower
                  - One long, tall slide coming from the top deck of the tower
                  - A four-bay or two two-bay swing sets that will house multiple swings: regular belt swings, generation swing where a child and caretaker face each other while swinging together, adaptive swing, toddler swings and a wheelchair accessible swing.

  • Color scheme will be more natural colors with splashes of brighter color for a modern and appealing effect
  • Estimated cost includes playground structures, supervised community-build installation and rubber mulch surfacing
  • ‘Phase 2: Riverside Tower Playground’ includes a budget for site prep, playground structures, shipping, supervised community-build installation and rubber mulch chip surfacing. Once Phase 2 funds are secure, playground vendor bids will be requested with an anticipated building date in Summer 2018!
  • Installation will be completed through a cooperative “Community Build Day” with a playground vendor representative, local volunteers and park staff
  • The playground will have a selection of standalone play pieces, some of which will be the result of elementary students ‘Build-A-Playground’ voting poll.

*All photos show examples of concepts similar but not exact to what our final projects will look like.



Riverside Tower 1.jpg