Phase 1:
Splash Pad
Kiwanis Park

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PHASE 1: Splash Pad

Estimated Cost: $225,000


It's time for some splish-splash fun in the sun! Children of all ages will love the excitement that 20+ spray components will add to their summers! With longevity and adaptability in mind, this 3000+ square-foot zero-depth pad will be constructed so that spray components may be added and interchanged annually to guarantee a fresh and superior splash experience. A timed, participant-activated component on the pad ensures the spray features are only utilizing water when you are. Additional funds raised beyond our goal will go towards adding extra spray features!



  • Vortex is the anticipated vendor for this project and is the industry leader for spray feature manufacturing. Powder coated, lead-free paint finish over stainless steel structures are fade resistant and hold color in intense sun and harsh climates so colors stay vibrant, and minor chips and corrosion are prevented. Built for low maintenance and long life.
  • Zero Depth Pad equates to relaxed and stress-free aquatic play. Lifeguards are not necessary so operating costs are reduced and parents have peace of mind.
  • There will be no admission fee for the pad. The pad will be open through at least Labor Day.
  • Similar to approximately 95% of the municipalities in the state, this pad will have a flow-through design. Water usage is regulated through sustainable reduced-flow nozzles and timed, user-activated features that in no way detract from a participant’s level of pure water bliss!
  • ‘Phase 1: Splash Pad’ includes a budget for site prep, utilities run to site, construction of pad and a variety of spray features and components. Once Phase 1 funds are secure, construction and product bids will be requested with an anticipated building date in Spring 2018. Our hope is to be open for most of the 2018 Summer season!

*All photos show examples of concepts similar but not exact to what our final projects will look like.



page 6.jpg