Phase 3:
Natural Playscape
Riverside Park

Natural Playscapes 1.png

PHASE 3: Natural Playscape

Estimated Cost: $50,000


Vinton strives to be one of the first communities in the state to feature a natural playscape destination where the play attractions are made almost exclusively from natural components. Grassy mounds with slides and climbing walls built into its embankment, webbed bridges, tunnels, climbing boulders, footbridges, stump hopping, mazes and more will help children experience the wonder of nature and love of the outdoors through imaginative and educational PLAY! In keeping up with the idea of conservation, wood salvaged from the Riverside Park Castle structure will be utilized in the construction of this play area which will be located just west of the Riverside Tower Playground. What kind of adventure will you create?



  • Utilizing over 15,000 square feet of green space, this area has the ability to incorporate a wide range of natural play features. A crushed limestone walking path will meander around and throughout the play area.
  • To save on project cost, many of the features will be built by park staff and will utilize lumber salvaged from the deconstruction of the Riverside Castle playground.
  • Despite this not being your typical playground, safety is still our top priority! Fall heights, appropriate surfacing and general playground safety standards will still be adhered to.
  • With a very generous grant awarded from the Walt Disney Company and the National Parks & Recreation Department, the timetable for this project has a completion date of November 1, 2018.

*All photos show examples of concepts similar but not exact to what our final projects will look like.



Natural Playscapes 1.png