Play Vinton


“When you’re free, you can play. When you’re playing, you become free.” – Heidi Kaduson


Play is essential to a child's development and can provide a foundation for learning through exploration, experimentation and wonder. The power of play and attractive play locations also can help build community by providing social hubs for families, friends and visitors. Our community has the exciting opportunity to construct three destination-type projects that emphasize this wonderful world of imaginative play and social space. Whether it is getting soaked with friends on a sunny day, observing creatures far-and-wide from a lookout tower in the forest or laughing uproariously while barrel-rolling down a grassy mound, children will love the chance to explore and create their own adventures...right here at home in Vinton.


How will you PLAY Vinton?


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Please consider a financial gift to help bring these play dreams to life!